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Maker Faire Trieste 2022

Piazza Unità d’Italia, 3-4 September 2022

Sponsors and institutional partners in 2022: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (#IOSONOFRIULIVENEZIAGIULIA) and Comune di Trieste.

Our article on how to make a Maker Faire.

Photogallery of Saturday 3 September (all images)

Photogallery of Sunday 4 September (all images)

To get the higher resolution version of one or more photos, please contact the organisers (the ID/number of the photo is in the first three characters of the filename).

Photographer: Massimo Goina


Video interviews with some makers, on YouTube channel:

Saturday 3 and Sunday 4


Financial Contributions:

For the implementation of Maker Faire Trieste, the ICTP received the following contributions:

  • Euro 25,000 from Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia 
  • Euro 30,000 from Comune di Trieste (Municipality of Trieste)


Download the MAP of our Makerfaire 2022 Village!


Download the PROGRAMME of stage talks and activities (PDF).

Maker Faire Trieste 2021

The 2021 edition of the Maker Faire Trieste was held on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2021 in Piazza Unità d’Italia.

Official Maker Catalogue 2021 (PDF): catalogo MF 21 lowres


Official anthem MFTS2021(by Maxino, video by

Complete VIDEO recordings (by Antonio Giacomin –

all Saturday on Facebook and YouTube

all Sunday on Facebook and YouTube

Photogallery on Flickr, by ICTP.


Restart Party 2021:

The Maker Faire Trieste 2021 is hosting a multi-faceted Restart Party, a free event where a group of repairers will help you fix faults and malfunctions. More information HERE.

Download the Press Release (PDF, in Italian) with the announcement given during the Press Conference on 25 June.

Download the flyer for the Call for Makers (PDF).

For the implementation of Maker Faire Trieste 2021, the ICTP received the following contributions:
Euro 22,500 from Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
Euro 30,000 from Comune di Trieste (Municipality of Trieste).

Maker Faire Trieste 2020

The MFTS2020 has been held on 4 and 5 September (Friday and Saturday) 2020, from 2pm to 9 pm, in the main square of  Trieste (Piazza Unità d’Italia), in front of the City Hall and the other historical building facing the sea… the most wonderful venue for an incredible event!

CATALOG of Makers 2020: download PDF (3MB)


THE FULL PHOTO GALLERY: over 700 pictures of Friday and Saturday, artfully taken by our two great photographers Massimo Goina and Luca Valenta


MACETE LIVE on September 4th, from the MFTS:


Flying over the MFTS (drone’s eye video by Eugenio Cosolo):


Video report by Il Piccolo (Local newspaper):


Video Report of the event by Giulio Salvador:


Video-interviews to our Makers, by Datamagazine:



For the implementation of Maker Faire Trieste 2020, the ICTP received the following contributions:
Euro 25,000 from Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
Euro 30,000 from Comune di Trieste (Municipality of Trieste).

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2019

ICTP Campus, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2019.

Download the Maker’s Catalogue (3.5MB PDF)

Look at the photo gallery (by Massimo Goina official photographer)

Watch the YouTube video recorded on Saturday!

Download the PhotoBooth pictures!

Download the MAP with List of MAKERS!

Look at the PROGRAMME of all activities on stage

The TSMMF hosted the final competitions of the European RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2019.


There is no need for a long introduction to this event that has become one of the most waited for and loved by whom consider him/herself curious, tech lover, looking-forward to the future, ready to discover and learn, by the community of the future makers, the apprentice ones and the experienced ones. From the whole region, and also from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, over 300 makers have gathered at the ICTP campus in Miramare, Trieste, with their projects, their inventions and ingenious ideas, all the fun, all activities, talks and show-offs, all workshops and challenges. Free entrance, with the patronage of ProESOF and independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc.

Press and media (in Italian, 2019):

Dal robot pianista al telegrafo via whatsapp: “Maker Faire”, la fiera delle 300 invenzioni (Il Piccolo)

Tredicimila visitatori all’ICTP per la fiera dell’ingegno (il Piccolo)

Ricerca: da laser a stampe 3d, 300 maker in fiera a Trieste

Trieste, dal laser alle stampe 3D, 300 inventori alla Mini Maker Faire (Il Piccolo)

Scienza: torna all’Ictp di Trieste la Mini Maker Faire (

Social Media (2019):

find all twitts with hashtag #tsmmf

and all #tsmmf posts on facebook

Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2018

Discover here the many activities and workshops for kids and adults, the rich program of the events, learn about the makers and the projects they have shown and all the prizes given to them, download the catalog, the flyer and the map.

All selfies at the Bora-mat are available here:

A Gallery with all photos by official photographer Massimo Goina is available!

Videoclip with the history of the 2018 edition, recorded and edited by Nicola Barzagli and Silvia Giraldi (Master in Comunicazione della Scienza, SISSA):

What was said about us on media and social networks in 2018:

Radio and TV:

“Raccontare l’innovazione con creatività – TGR Friuli Venezia Giulia” Servizio sul TG Regionale RAI

On-line articles:

“Bora-mat, robottini e droni. A Trieste va in scena la scienza ‘pop'” di Luigi Putignano, Il Piccolo on-line”

“Trieste, tutti pazzi per la Mini Maker Faire” gallery di foto di Massimo Silvano

“Trieste, torna all’Ictp la Mini Maker Faire” su Il Piccolo on-line

“Trieste Mini Maker Faire: la festa dell’ingegno torna a Trieste per la quinta edizione” di Rosaria Viola, RadioInCorso Magazine

“Questo weekend ritorna la Trieste Mini Maker Faire” della redazione di

Printed articles:


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Trieste Mini Maker Faire 2017

Discover the many activities and workshops for kids and adults, the events on stage, the engaging challenges and competitions, and to learn about the more than 300 makers and what they have shown! You can also download the posters, banners, catalogue, map and programme.

Last but not least, see and download the over 800 selfies shot by the public, and appreciate the scans of the drawings made by the Urban Sketchers Trieste.

All the photos shot by the official photographer are now available.

2014-2016 editions

Discover everything about our first three editions on this page .