The Call for Makers is CLOSED,

but we are would love to make an exception for “last minute” ideas of particular value and relevance, so go and submit your projects (see the bottom of this page)!

We invite makers, inventors, scientists, artisans, artists and other creative passionate and enthusiast people from the Triveneto Area, the neighbouring regions and countries (the near and the far ones) to participate to show and demonstrate their projects during the fifth edition of the Trieste Mini Maker Faire, that will be held on July 28 and 29 in Miramare (Trieste).

We see this fifth edition as a great opportunity for everyone to share experiences and to grow bigger together, and we need the help of you all to make it a unique and memorable event!

We are looking for Makers!

Maker Faire is the Greatest “Show and Tell” on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. An occasion for Makers to show what they are busy making, and share what they are learning, and finally it’s a celebration of the Maker movement and spirit. Yeah, Makers…

Makers, who are they???

Makers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. They are the guys and the girls who, after a long day of being “just normal people” will spend most evenings and weekends in the basement, making something new, playing bravely with new technologies or with antique craftsmanship techniques.

Makers are –before any label or definition– just curious people, of all ages and backgrounds, who goes beyond talking and start doing, making… exactly the ones that are primarily and over all into MAKING.

A few examples of maker’s projects we are looking for…

Robots that are useful, funny, that compete, make pizza…
3D printers and scanners with a little extra something,
electronic and science-fiction inspired clothes,
mechanical gizmos that work with crancks and pedals,
super tiny, super big or super strange drones,
surprising interactive shows,
wild creative wood working and a handicraft,
houses that do strange stuff,
open source software for every need,
microprocessors of all kinds,
jaw-dropping experiments,
amazing recycled objects,
every day and future science,
strange and incredible home made music instruments,
Green projects,

And anything with the WOW factor!


If you don’t have an innovative project, you can apply to our Mini Maker Faire to show and teach and share your techniques, your knowledge, your experience: we are all makers!

Innovative ideas and projects of educational value or targeted towards the developing countries will be specially valued.

(more text after the pictures)

Awards for makers

  • Awards will be given for the following categories, to selected makers:
    • Lady Maker (for ladies and girls, kindly offered by the Soroptimist Club Trieste)
    • TSMMF Prize (among all exhibiting makers, kindly offered by the U.S. Consulate General in Milan)
    • Science Picnic (for science dissemination/popularisation, offered by the U.S. Consulate General in Milan)

…and other prizes to be announced. Prizes are kindly offered by Robotics-3D.

You can participate in several ways:

  • You can show your project: you will be given a table + chairs to display your project, make demos and talk with the public.
  • You can give a presentation/talk on stage: you will have from 5 to 20 minutes to describe your project, tell an interesting story or engage the audience with a great idea. You can also give a technical seminar for a smaller audience, covering advanced topics at a deeper level than general talks.
  • You can hold a workshop: you will be assigned a workshop area or a room to hold interactive sessions and engage participants – adults and / or children – in “hands on” activities.
  • You can perform for the public: you will be assigned a stage (or a free space) for you to perform in creative, technological, robotic, musical, scientific performance…


Things to know:

  • Selected projects will enjoy free participation! The organizers can decide to offer a contribution to cover some costs to selected projects that are particularly expensive and spectacular.
  • Applications will be evaluated by a Selection Committee within 2 weeks from their submission. Acceptance or rejection of your proposal will be communicated immediately (even before the deadline). There is also a waiting list for proposals that are not immediately accepted but not refused either, for which a definitive answer (depending on availability of spaces) will be given within 2 weeks after the closing of the Call for Makers.
  • The standard exhibit includes a table with two chairs, but other different options are also possible upon request, including outdoor spaces of various sizes if you can bring your own structure.
  • As in the previous years, on saturday after 8 pm (closing time for the public) the Maker Party will begin: a gathering of makers to relax, chat and exchange experiences, eat, drink and have fun together!
  • For any questions please contact us.




Can I apply with an unrealized idea?

At Mini Maker Faire, visitors want to see physical projects so you should bring at least a prototype. If at the time of your application you don’t have a prototype yet, tell that in the project description and include pictures showing its development status. We want to understand clearly what you’re going to put on your table!


I have multiple projects: should I send multiple applications?

Yes, please: they will be more visible in the web site and we will understand better what you’re going to bring.


We are a group of makers, how can we apply?

If the project was built by a group of people, or a club or association or another recognized entity, one of them should apply to the Call for Makers as an individual. He will represent his group legally. However, in the public information of the project you can put additional names (up to 5).


We’re a Fab Lab, how can we apply?

You can submit all the projects you want to exhibit, if you have the legal rights for them. If you want to bring projects by other people (i.e. users of your lab) and you don’t have the full rights on them, just have those people apply separately with their names and tell them to specify they want to be close to your booth. We’ll do our best.


I am a minor, can I still apply?

Underage people cannot apply directly according to the Regulation, so please ask your parents to apply on behalf of you. You’ll name can still be published as maker in the public information.


Where can I sleep?

There is a inexpensive Hostel with a wonderful scenic view located on the seaside at less than 500 meters from the ICTP Campus: Ostello Tergeste. Alternatively,  the ICTP is offering free accommodation at the campus guesthouses to the makers coming from outside Trieste. The availability of rooms in limited, so we invite you to send your applications as soon as possible.


Can I sell at Maker Faire?

Direct and explicit sale of products and public advertisement of commercial transactions are not allowed during the event, as specified in the paragraph 16 of the Rules:

“Given the international nature of the host institution (ICTP), the sale of products and all business transactions will NOT be permitted during the fair itself. Explicit advertising of commercial products (even if not on sale) must be authorized in advance by the organizers.”

This does not imply that the maker, if a visitor is showing interested for a product being exposed, cannot agree privately with such person for a future sale of the good, but makers should absolutely avoid any display of “on sale” signs or price tags on objects.

With regard to expenses incurred for workshops and tutorials organized by the makers for the public, the makers should ask and receive a written authorisation from the organizers to be allowed to collect from participants a small fee (declared in advance), to cover only the expenses of the consumables needed for such activity, without profit.



1. Spread the word with your friends (also with the artworks and the #TSMMF hashtag).

2. Like our Facebook page to remain updated on the news, while you are hacking your project.

3. Read carefully the Rules of Participation for Makers.

4. Fill and submit (see link below) your Application Form (or more than one) no later than July 16th, 2018 at 12:00.

Take your time to do it properly, with all relevant information, and please fill a separate application form for each of your projects, talks, workshops, performaces, etc if you are proposing more than one (basically, fill a new form for any activity or project that has got its own title, category and description).

Each application will be individually evaluated (and the relevant communications will be sent to you by email), but the maker data will then be grouped together and used only once for the registration. In this way, every accepted project and activity will have its name, brief description and picture (and video, if available) published on our website from the beginning, together with the maker’s names.

Some of the information provided in the application form (and clearly labeled as public), after the project is accepted will be made public on the website (and potentially shared on social media) without asking further authorization. All other information given by you will be considered as private and solely used by the organization for administrative purposes, and never made public (particularly for the personal and contact data of the makers).

Go to the Application Form!