Do you have computers, printers, radios and bikes that no longer work?


On 18 and 19 September take them to our Restart Party, a free event within the Maker Faire in Piazza Unità d’Italia where a group of repairers will help you fix faults and malfunctions.


Use this link to report what you need: In this way we can retrieve all the necessary tools and spare parts in advance.


By actively participating, you will learn how to repair objects that no longer work and that an alternative to trash and landfill is possible.


You can be a repairer too!

Let's party, restart party!

2018Event Mittelab, TriesteSenzaSprechi





The event Restart Party is part of “Right to Repair” campaign: repairing an object instead of throwing it away is advantageous to many respects, from the environmental to the economic, from the social to the educational one. It is a real party in which competent people, professionals or simply enthusiasts, make themselves available to inexperienced people to share repair techniques and tricks.

Become a restarter!

2018Event Mittelab, TriesteSenzaSprechi





On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September, from 2 pm onwards, we will be in Piazza Unità d’Italia with mittelab boys and girls. Interacting with them or simply looking, you will be able to disassemble, know and fix your electrical and electronic objects. You won’t have to throw away anything that breaks anymore and you can become a real RESTARTER!

Become a bikemaker!





Ermanno and Max, two passionate cyclists who have learned to repair their bicycles, will also be guests of the Maker Faire. Flat tires, brakes that no longer do their duty, chains and gears out of place will no longer be a problem. You will be able to learn the art and techniques of making by your own. They will be useful for cycling in the city, in the mountains and in the open countryside. And they will make your mobility even greener!