Rules of Participation for Makers

Updated: 29 June 2022

  1. Application and participation to the Maker Faire Trieste 2022 is free for all those who want to show and tell their projects (henceforth called makers) during the days of Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September, 2022. Makers will also be able to hold talks, offer hands-on workshops, scientific laboratories or artistic performances, under their personal responsibility and following all obligations and modalities specified by public rulings at the time of the event. Maker Faire Trieste is independently organized and operated under license from Make: Community, LLC.
  2. The organisation of the Maker Faire Trieste is by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and the Comune di Trieste, with the technical and administrative assistance of the Laboratorio dell’Immaginario Scientifico soc. coop., henceforth called “the organisers”. The Maker Faire Trieste is partially funded by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Avviso pubblico per iniziative progettuali riguardanti manifestazioni di divulgazione della cultura scientifica 2022).
  3. All interested makers are invited to apply before midnight of August 15, 2022; the acceptance of applications rests solely with the Selection Committee (established by the organizers) and will be communicated to applicants as soon as possible. For technical reasons, it is required to fill a separate application form for each of the proposed projects, but accepted makers will be registered only once. All accepted projects, etc. will be immediately published on the official website and through the social media channels, but maker’s personal data will not be made public.
  4. The decision of the Selection Committee is final; in case of refusal a motivated response can be requested and the applicant can reapply after the appropriate changes.
  5. The acceptance of an application does not grant any reimbursement of costs incurred by the makers (such as travel/accommodation expenses, exhibition or other), which have to be covered by the makers themselves, except when a specific support is explicitly granted by the organisers. Before the event, accepted makers will be required to sign a copy of these Rules and a Declaration of Responsibility.
  6. Each accepted maker shall obey to all obligations and modalities specified by public rulings at the time of the event, and he/she should be informed about such public rules and follow them at any time during the event.
  7. Companies of any sort and professionals who wish to partecipate as makers and to promote their products, projects or activities (usually done for a profit) are anyway allowed to apply for free; in case of acceptance they will be invited to sponsor the event, within their means, and always without performing any commercial activity (selling products, etc.) during the event itself. Exhibiting Makers are not permitted to offer (for free or not) any food or beverage to the public.
  8. The booth offered to makers will normally consist of a wooden hut (alone or with other makers) or a space with one or more tables and chairs under a big tend shared with other makers, with movable walls. both options will have an electrical outlet (single Schuko, 1000W maximum load) and electrical lighting. The organisers are not in the position to offer any free access to the Internet through WiFi or cable. Each accepted maker will get a “MAKER” t-shirt (to be worn for the whole event) and free meal coupons (to be used in selected neighbouring cafes, etc).
  9. Requests that go beyond the minimum configuration listed above should be motivated in the application form and cannot be taken for granted, they will be considered by the organisers within the available resources. It will be possible (upon request or by decision of the organisers) to use open shared spaces, according to the logistic needs of the moment.
  10. Winners for the categories “Lady Maker” and “Maker Faire Trieste”  will be selected among the exhibitors. Other awards may be established by the organisers.
  11. We will provide dedicated spaces under a tent that can be used for workshops, seminars and so on; therefore, makers who wish to present talks/courses/tutorials or artistic performances are invited to write it in the application form and to agree such activities with the organises beforehand.
  12. Booths arrangements and positions will be determined by the organisers, considering the needs of all applicants, and published within the official map as soon as possible. In case of need the organisers can change the location of the booths and the duration of the activities at the booths.
  13. Makers are requested to be present for the whole duration of the event (Saturday and Sunday), or to inform promptly the organizers if they are unable to do so.
  14. Vehicular access is never allowed within the area of Piazza Unità d’Italia. Registered makers will be able to load/unload, following the Italian laws “Codice Stradale”, from neighbouring roads during some time slots (schedule will be communicated in advance). The organisers are working to find efficient solutions for free parking and moving makers from/to the parking areas. Circulation of vehicles near the booths will not be allowed while the faire is open to the public, with the only exceptions of emergency and police vehicles.
  15. Any damage to persons or property shall be borne by the makers accountable. Any activity that could be potentially dangerous to the public or to the makers themselves must be expressly authorized in advance by the organizers, and activities should be performed following all obligations and modalities specified by public rulings at the time of the event. There will be a staff of volunteers, coordinated by the organizers and clearly identifiable by their t-shirts. They will assist and supervise the makers, who are expected to cooperate fully with them.
  16. Given the non-profit nature of the event, gathering donations and fund-raising, sale of products and all business transactions will NOT be permitted during the faire itself. Explicit advertising of commercial products (even if not on sale) must be authorized in advance by the organizers.
  17. In case of force majeure the event may be postponed or canceled by the organizers, but it will not be canceled in case of light rain or bad weather.
  18. The makers coming from far away and having the need to stay overnight can ask to be accommodated for free on the nights of Friday 2, Saturday 3 and/or Sunday 4 September, with costs covered by the Organizers; since the availability of such free accommodations is rather limited (particularly on the night of 2 and 4) we invite the makers to submit their application form as soon as possible. The requests of free accommodation will be considered following the order of submission, up to the maximum capacity available.
  19. The makers are aware that the organizers, MAKE, Maker Faire, Make Community respect their privacy and not disclose their personal information. The policy regarding the privacy of MAKE is available in English at this address:
  20. The makers are also aware that by submitting their application request they accept these Rules of Participation and they consent to share their contact and all information provided on their project/stand/performance with MAKE Community for editorial purposes.